It is a fact that most of us do not wish to hit the gym regularly or are too lazy to undergo strenuous workout everyday. In that case, there are several exercises that can be performed without the supervision of the trainer. Cardiovascular exercises are one of them. Performing cardiovascular exercises is considered as one of the best ways to lose weight as well as to remain healthy. They are also easy-to-perform exercises, done without using any equipment but are equally effective in burning off more number of calories. Brisk walking, swimming, running and jogging are some of the types of cardiovascular exercises. There is a lot of debate on brisk walking vs jogging. Which is the best? Let us take a look at the comparison between speed walking vs jogging.

Both these type of exercises, i.e., jogging as well as brisk walking have their share of advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are looking for an exercise to lose weight fast and in a short period of time, then jogging is considered as the best exercise. Jogging tends to burn more calories as compared to brisk walking and hence, overweight people who want to lose weight, should opt for jogging, rather than brisk walking. At the same time, if one is looking for an exercise to remain healthy and maintain a proper weight, then they can choose from either of the two, brisk walking exercise or jogging.

When comparing brisk walking vs jogging, the major thing to consider is the number of calories burnt. As mentioned above, one of the benefits of jogging is that more number of calories are burnt while jogging than those burnt during brisk walking. To be precise, when talking about the brisk walking and jogging difference; brisk walking for an hour burns 200 – 250 calories while jogging for the same period of time burns more than 400 calories.

On the other hand, one of the other brisk walking benefits include that people who walk are at a lower risk of getting injured as walking is the safest exercise. While on the contrary, people who jog stand at a greater risk of suffering from injury. However, it should also be remembered that people who start with speed walking or power walking immediately (without prior warm up) may also suffer from muscle injury.

As there are similar advantages and drawbacks related to power walking vs jogging or fast walking vs jogging, one can choose the one that suits one the best. At the same time, it should also be noted that the amounts of time and the accuracy the person follows, etc. also should be taken into consideration. If a person tends to jog at a slow pace but walk at a faster pace, he tends to burn more number of calories according to the per minute ratio. Therefore, the speed is an important aspect which is also found to be judgmental when comparing brisk walking vs jogging. So, based on your necessity and speed, you can choose either of these exercises. Secondly, if you wish to know which is the best among jogging vs running, then it too depends on the individual stamina and endurance level. Running requires more stamina and strength than jogging.

I hope you have gained a satisfactory answer on which is the best, in the comparison between brisk walking vs jogging. Lastly, if you fail to come to a conclusion, you can try walking for 3 days and jogging for the remaining 3 days and of course rest on the seventh day! Take care!