The diabetes is by far one of the most important problems of the modern society, with a global circulation and a solid reputation as one of the most common chronic diseases. The key hormone in this disorder is the insulin, produced by the pancreas and responsible by the glucose metabolism. Ayurveda accepts the hereditary factors to be some of the causes, but it mostly insists on a hectic, stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. The diabetes treatment in Ayurveda implies, aside from the phytotherapeutic recommendations, changes in the diet and lifestyle.

The multitude of detoxifying procedures in Ayurveda is called Panchakarma. This includes treatments of Vamanam, Virechanam and Vasti. All of these clean colon and evacuate accumulated toxins as well as metabolic wastes. For stress treatment, the most common techniques rely on getting through a medicinal sauna treatment or getting massaged with plants dusts and shirodhara. Shirodhara consists in dripping warm medicinal oil and milk on your forehead and scalp from a particular distance and in a constant rhythm for about 45 minutes.

The physical activity over the day is very important in the diabetes treatment in Ayurveda as well. In Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and breathing exercises are recommended. Any other exercise that deals with your abdominal muscles is recommended. Although it’s very tempting, try to avoid short naps during the day time, especially after having a meal. Your sleeping schedule is also very limited. It doesn’t matter what time you go to sleep, you have to wake up around 6 AM. According to the food frequency and consistency, you should stick to two major meals and two liquid meals during a day.

When it comes to your diet, there are a few basic rules you have to follow. Avoid sugars and limit your proteins consumption, as they can easily affect the correct functionality of your kidneys. Excessive fat is also forbidden, since the deficit of digestive enzymes aggravates their metabolism. There are multiple diets you can choose from in the diabetes treatment in Ayurveda, therefore you got plenty of options and variety. As you advance in understanding Ayurveda, tips and tricks to stop your disease from evolving become very useful. For instance, get a spoon of honey after each important meal of the day. Also, the only condiment you should avoid is the salt, while all the others are accepted and even recommended.

Ayurveda recommends two categories of plants in the diabetes treatment – the ones with hypoglycemic proprieties and the ones that rebuild the insulin production system. In the first category you can count Karela (Bitter Melon), Jamun Beej, Methi (Fenugreek), Aloe vera and Shilajit. The other category, which is also more important, includes Triphala and Guduchi. Triphala is a combination between three different fruits and acts as antioxidant and colon cleanser. It has many beneficial actions over your general metabolism.

The diabetes treatment in Ayurveda comes as a natural way to stop the evolution of this unpleasant disease. The diabetes cannot be cured unfortunately, or at least not yet. Meanwhile, trying to force it to stagnate seems to be the most appropriate solution so far.