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Diets, workouts, and liposuction are currently the main methods used to fight overweight. However, considering the fact that the number of obese people continues to rise, none of the above methods can be called popular and effective.

Eco Slim became a game changer. A remedy which triggers natural weight-loss.

ecoslim priceDr. Ankit Mishra

Director of The National Scientific Medical Centre, Doctor of Medicine, Physician of Superior Merit, dietitian.

Occupational experience – 42 years

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If your body lacks vitamin A, you eat oranges. If it lacks phosphorus, you eat fish. If you have vitamin C deficiency, you have to eat black currant. Only Eco Slim contains microelements which induce fat mass burning in the human body. Particularly B-Carotene which is a super-antioxidant capable of not just burning fat but also normalizing functioning of the whole body.

It has been clinically proven that Eco Slim boosts your metabolism, restores the functioning of the endocrine system, stimulates regeneration of the tissues and suppresses appetite. The product is entirely organic and actively stimulates natural processes inside the human body. No rigorous diet is needed as the burning of fat mass is induced by boosted metabolic processes. A balanced diet is sufficient to maintain the metabolism. Intensive workout is not necessary either. Some moderate stretching exercises are sufficient.

Main properties of Eco Slim:

  • Fat burning;
  • Suppression of appetite;
  • Normalization of endocrine profile;
  • Rejuvenation and detoxification of the body;
  • Improvement of the body tone by burning fat mass.

Owing to intensive metabolism, subcutaneous fat in problematic areas of people who take Eco Slim can burn at the speed of up to 1.1 pounds a day! Eco Slim is effective even in the cases when overweight is caused by hormonal disorders. If you are prone to obesity this product is for you!

This supplement has become available in the UK quite recently but it has already proven to be a favorite choice of bodybuilders and their trainers as it facilitates quick weight-loss and maintains low percentage of fat in the body.

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The result after 30 days of taking ECO SLIM

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The result after 15 days of taking ECO SLIM

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The result after 22 days of taking ECO SLIM

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The result after 18 days of taking ECO SLIM

Researchers’ comments:

ecoslim where to buyDr. Antony McCoy


Occupational experience – 27 years.

“The most important thing in the weight-loss process is not to cause harm to your body. Unfortunately, the majority of popular weight-loss methods do not meet this requirement. It”s impossible to remain on a diet all the time. Besides, for many people, it”s too challenging. Seeing no results, people start using tablets the majority of which only suppress the body causing hormonal disorders and impairing the functioning of the immune system and liver. Weight-loss has to be natural and does not have to thwart the internal processes inside your body. Currently, ECO SLIM is the only remedy which meets these requirements. Active microelements of Eco Slim intensify the metabolism and fat mass burning. I”m sure that this remedy is the best product modern nutrition science can offer. It”s a certified product which can be fully trusted.”

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ecoslim side effectsDr. Tracey Newman


Occupational experience – 18 years.

“I frequently see women with tears in their eyes. They have tried everything without obtaining any result or they regained the weight which they had previously lost. I used to recommend them to pull themselves together and try again. Now I recommend a better option – ECO SLIM . It can be used as a food supplement and helps to lose up to 33 pounds within a month in an entirely natural manner. It”s a fully organic remedy which suits everyone regardless of sex, age or health status. Weight-loss is achieved exceptionally by means of fat burning and not by dehydration. The effect of improvement in problematic areas becomes visible in just a week. ECO SLIM has been used in the American nutrition for long and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. I recommend it to all my patients and have never had any complaint.”

The Department of Health supported a poll the results of which exceeded all our expectations:

The poll conducted by the department of health: how did you lose weight?

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Important! It was concluded that winter is the best time to start losing weight. Thanks to the decrease of average temperatures the metabolism and blood circulation in the blood vessels become more intense thereby increasing blood and oxygen supply to the body improving the effect provided by the medication. Overweight reduction occurs by 47% faster compared to warmer times of the year. The functions of the body are restored by 100% during the treatment course.


The results of laboratory tests on Eco Slim. The Research Institute of the Department of Health:

A cohort of the study population (100 people) with overweight took ECO SLIM as a food supplement on a daily basis for a month without changing their usual diet. The following results have been obtained during the trial:

1. Fat mass reduction ranging between 26 and 33 pounds;

  • 33 pounds weight loss – 95%;
  • 26 pounds weight-loss – 100%.

*For the purposes of the trial weight-loss should mean the loss of fat mass and no signs of regaining it within a 1-month period.

2. Significant improvement of the metabolism;

3. Improved body tone and physical activity;

4. Improved functioning of the liver and endocrine system.

It has been proven that ECO SLIM effectively boosts your metabolism and fat burning. It”s recommended for people who are overweight, suffer from metabolic disorders and/or diabetes.

ATTENTION! Beware of bogus products! In the city and in the UK Eco Slim can be bought on the OFFICIAL SITE OF THE MANUFACTURER ONLY!

ecoslim online order

Comments. Eco Slim reviews

Rashmi Tiwari

I will definitely try it and keep you posted about the results. I”m going to college this year. I want to start a new life with a new figure. I was bullied at school, particularly by boys. Everyone thought I was fat. I want to lose 22 pounds and look like a queen at college!

Dr. Ankit Mishra

Ella, the most important is not to overdose as the medication is quite potent. Therefore, it can make you lose 44 pounds instead of 22.

Best regards, Jacob.

Gunjan Agrawal

Girls, I tried to use Eco Slim. If used reasonably, it gives the result. I didn”t overdo and here is what I look like now

ecoslim price

Shubh Dube

Unfortunately, I can”t boast long-lasting result as I”ve been taking Eco Slim for just a week. You won”t believe but I lost 7 pounds within the first 7 days. Only 40 pounds left! I”m sure I will succeed! I must 🙂

Parul guilty

Hi. I took Eco Slim and within a month I lost only 9 pounds :((((

Dr. Ankit Mishra

Natalie, you might have read the direction incorrectly. Particularly about the administration. Please read more carefully and take the medication strictly following the direction!

Best regards, Jacob.

Savita Mishra

Hi. I used Eco Slim and lost 24 pounds within a month. One year after, my weight remains stable! Here is my photo:

ecoslim website

Lakshmi Jaiswal

I managed to lose weight too! Good luck to everyone. I keep my fingers crossed!

Palak Mehta

When I started taking Eco Slim I kept eating what I like and lost 20 pounds. I think that Eco Slim for weight-loss is the best thing I”ve ever seen. The most remarkable feature is that you don”t have to train hard in a gym. I simply have no time and passion for it. This is a perfect solution for people like me! I recommend it! Here are my results:

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Sunny Gehlot

Before I started taking Eco Slim I weighed 198 pounds. I have always been slender in my young years. But as I was growing older my belly and sides grew bigger. When I was 35 I realized that I needed an urgent overhaul. I spent almost a year on workout but I didn”t regain my usual shape. But when I added Eco Slim to my diet I became the kind of person I used to be in my young years within literally several weeks. Now I keep an eye on my figure and a couple of bottles with Eco Slim are always in stock

ecoslim official website

Palak Mehta

Eco Slim was a real salvation for me. Several years ago I was in a car accident after which I was unable to move for 8 months. I gained 71 pounds over this time! I gradually started walking with a stick. I couldn”t do any workout as I was too weak and overweight made the situation even worse. I tried Eco Slim for the first time when my friend who just returned from India gave it to me. She tried it there, liked the result and brought 2 bottles with her. Of course, I didn”t put too much hope in it. Just decided to have a try. I took Eco Slim 3 times a day. I noticed first changes in a week. I can”t say that I lost lots of pounds but I had the feeling that my body started functioning faster and my digestion was more intense. I felt that my metabolism had become more intense. I lost 9 pounds within the first 2 weeks without any changes to my lifestyle! The remaining 62 pounds vanished in approx. 3 months. I”m very happy and I think that it was a windfall that my friend was in India and learned about Eco Slim. Otherwise, I don”t know what would have happened to me. Perhaps, I would have still weighed 196 pounds.

ecoslim review

Angel katariya

I don”t know about other people but Eco Slim was perfect for me. I can boast the loss of 35 pounds within a month and a half. I keep going 😉

ecoslim reviews

Anita Garg

Did you ever try to just stop eating too much? When kids eat what they are given it looks OK. But when adult women do the same… Can”t you control yourself and not eat so much?

Dr. Ankit Mishra

Helen, there are people who have a genetic predisposition to obesity. No diet or medication can help in this case. If you are not prone to obesity, you are lucky. But I know for a fact that not all people are as lucky as you are.

Best regards, Jacob

Ankita Kumari

Helen, I eat almost nothing but it doesn”t work. My weight remains unchanged. It doesn”t go down

Shalini bisht

I was amazed to see you writing about Eco Slim as a product known to dietitians only. I”ve been regularly taking it for 2 years now. Initially it helped me to lose 31 pounds. Now I use it just as a preventative and a vitamin. My friends have known about it for quite long too so it”s not just your secret :)) PHOTO BEFORE AND AFTER

Ritu Patel

Why do you use “one size fits all” approach? Why must everyone be slim? For example, I weigh 159 pounds and my height is 5.48″. And I”m not ashamed of it. I like what I look like and feel great!

Dr. Ankit Mishra

Irene, trends and fashion which prevail in the 21st century make women go to the extremities and try to look like models. This frequently impacts their health. Therefore, we created a medication which can help to lose weight without causing harm to people”s health.

Best regards, Jacob.

Rita Joshi

I live in the city and just made an order I”m waiting for the delivery 🙂

Kavita Mehra


Dr. Ankit Mishra

Victoria, laziness is not the best feature of character. But you are lucky. There is Eco Slim and it”s exactly what you need.

Best regards, Jacob.

Namita Chauhan

is the official site of the manufacturer the only place where you can buy Eco Slim in the UK or is it sold by some other online stores?

Dr. Ankit Mishra

Andrew, if you don”t like what your wife looks like you can use Eco Slim. It may be not very honest not to tell her but she will be pleasantly surprised by suddenly losing weight. Eco Slim works as a perfect food supplement.

Best regards, Jacob.

Namrata Singhania

I”ve been taking Eco Slim for a long time. I had problems with extra weight too but this is no longer an issue. I eat all I want. Even if I gain some pounds I take Eco Slim to shed them and return to the norm.

Kajal Jain

Cool if it really works. Although, I”m a skeptic. I”d rather believe in the power of some tablet than some supplement. But there is nothing I was unable to do to get a pretty figure. I”m going to order it.

Dr. Ankit Mishra

Elizabeth, I recommend you to take a course and this will provide you with a durable result. It”s important to keep to a reasonably healthy diet during this time.

Best regards, Jacob.

Shikha Shah


Darshi Gupta

Emma, you can search for it there but I found Eco Slim on the manufacturer”s official site only. It seems to be a more reliable option.

Dr. Ankit Mishra

Emma, the most important is to stop panicking. First things first. Unfortunately, you won”t find the supplement in any pharmacy. I explained the reason above. You should order Eco Slim and start taking it in compliance with the direction. Once again, TAKE IT ONLY IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE DIRECTION if you want to achieve the desired goal.

Best regards, Jacob.

Sanyogita Bapat

Hi! I”m a mother of two and I”ve always tried to lose weight. I can”t use diets because I can”t stick to them for more that a couple of days. I just break the diet and overeat. I have no time for sports at all. I read this article and got excited. I”m just not sure how to take it (can it be added to some food or I must take it unadulterated?). Is there a direction on the bottle? Is there any recipe? Won”t it be harmful to stop using it? Could you please answer my questions or tell me where I can read more. Thank you in advance.

Khushboo Singh

Hello! I”m 50 and I wanted to lose weight badly. I realized that it was difficult to do anything about it at my age but I kept trying. I decided to order Eco Slim. I made a new order just after several weeks the effect was so impressive! I lost 13 pounds!!! Of course, I had a healthy diet and tried to workout but I didn”t expect such results anyway. Thank you for the article. I recommend Eco Slim to everyone too.

Superfluous opinion

It”s an incredible feeling when you wanted something badly and thought that it was nearly impossible. But a miracle happened. I”ve already lost 22 pounds and keep losing weight at the same pace. My friends are amazed. They think I”m on a strict diet and they worry about me. I”m not telling them anything. Let them do their guesswork)))))

Dr. Ankit Mishra

Natalie, don”t thank me. Doctors and the Department of Health do their best to keep our people healthy.

Best regards, Jacob.

Chandrika Dubey

Guys, could you please tell me where you bought it? This remedy is not sold by pharmacies. I don”t want to buy a fake as I understand that it”ll be useless.

Dr. Ankit Mishra want to say once again that Eco Slim can be bought on the official site of the manufacturer ONLY In order to avoid mistakes click the button “Go to the manufacturer”s site” below! The manufacturer has approved a special discount available for our readers. The discount will expire shortly so hurry up to make an order!

Please, beware of scam.

Best regards, Jacob.

Neha Sagar

It”s a perfect remedy. It helped me to get rid of extra weight within just a fortnight. It was also cost-effective as the discount is available.