We are surrounded by screens. On one side technology is very useful and it facilitates us. We can use it to increase creativity, connectivity, and speed. However, it should not cause the disturbance in your daily life, education, health, work etc…

One needs to keep a close check before getting addicted to the screen. Keeping track or making a time table and strictly following the same can prevent you from such digital addiction. We need to maintain balance in virtual and the real world.

Strong and deep relation with screen leads you to very bad health conditions. Such addiction is ruthless and exploits you completely. You drove yourself in dark corner…isolation. This so-called social platform gives you feel of connectedness and a false feeling of socially engaged. Truth is that you are disconnected from the real world and every second the depth of valley is broadening.

In many cases, such digital addiction has led to severe mental conditions and serious physical conditions. Gadgets are the silent killer. You can’t even make out that you are being digitally addicted. If you notice you will find that you have a habit of checking your phone nearly 200 times a day, expecting message, ring, vibration etc. Sometimes if nothing happens to your cell you check the internet connection also to ensure that it is working properly or not.

You can forget anything but not your cell phone. You may skip exercise, meditation or for that matter a meal but you can never forget to recharge the battery of your smartphone. You are a victim of data obesity.

We need to understand the gravity of such issues and need to respond immediately. Start from today, this second. Try digital dieting to overcome it. You may start with switching off all screens for at least 4 hours daily while driving, working, studying, dining, refreshment and social gathering (apart from switching off during sleeping hours).

We must pay attention to those who are in front of us rather than on those who are on screen. How can we ignore our children, spouse, parents, friends, neighbors, and relatives? How can we ignore nature, meditation, sports, walking in the garden, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, writing, playing music, listening music etc… We are here to rediscover ourselves every second then how can we lost on the screen of 5 inches.

Let us take a serious note of it and start digital dieting from now. This will also help us to restore our social relationship. Children follow us so they will also learn from our habit. We need to demonstrate and then we can expect a change in them. Merely shouting or cursing will not work, we need to inculcate and nurture good habit tactfully. Let us start digital dieting and that will detox our mind and body.

We will never allow digital addiction to destroy our life, happiness, and social bonding.