Today, I am here today to discuss the things to know about skinny people to gain weight rightly. I understand that in this present era the percentage of people who are searching to get rid of fats is more than people who are troubled to gain weight. It is very important to maintain your “ideal body weight” which can differ from person to person.

Furthermore, there can be multiple reasons to attain a certain weight for individuals like getting an impressive physique, healthy, lessening susceptibility to various diseases, and many more. It is vital if you are underweight to take up a weight gain program. But that definitely doesn’t allow you to go crazy with junk eats, which skinny people do to gain weight.

Here I am going to showcase the things that you should know to meet your health goals from skinny to muscle transformation:

  • Track your calories

As the metabolism rate of your body is high (ectomorph condition- a person with a lean and delicate build of the body. ) the food you take that gets digested very quickly and calorie intake is low (not measured). So, the body spends more than it intakes. You need to get your maintenance calorie, calculate your BMR, trace your activity level. After these, you have to add up more calories(balancing healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins) to your daily diet.

  • Resistance Workout

The workout is crucial to breakdown your muscles and built them (in the path of hypotrophy). One needs to add resistance training to their workouts as that will create the requirement for the body to gain muscles and weight.

  • Increase Protein intake

The primary work of protein is to build muscles whereas for the carb to produce energy. It’s essential to have more protein in your diet to gain muscles. As well as good fat (primary nutrition) as it helps in the blood circulation.

  • Eat clean and Rest adequate

Especially our body requires clean nutritional food (quality over quantity). Your muscle-building food has to be rich with the sources of protein, healthy fat, whole grams, fruits, vegetables but more importantly limiting packaged food, sweets, snacks filled with fried oil. Similarly, resting is as important as eating good, as it gives time to build & heal your muscles.

  • Frequency of meal

We must know that eating right with the right workout is not enough, the frequency of your meal also has been considered and should be 5-6 times a day.

  • Muscle is denser than Fat

We need to understand that we don’t want to gain our fat mass because it will not give us perfect shape, make us feel bloated. So, we need to gain our lean muscles, attain a good physique, and gain weight slowly.

I have tried my best to keep this information short and simple to make you understand the basics about building your body.