Many of our people have wrong perception about the Constitutional right of reservations. Muslims, we may have different perception from religious perspective.

When more than 70% of the community is Backwards interms of socio-educational-economic parameters and the HRD indexes of the community as a whole is backward, we by default in a position to take institutional help and the Institution to safeguard citizenry is Constitution through its provisions, which are to be implemented by the Government in power.

When the government fails to performs is duty, as citizens we have the right to make the government aware by different means

If we look at the statistics, it is clear, after the implementation of 4% reservation Many Muslim Kids got support of scholarship, some got employment, some continued their education. This is not possible by any private means.

I won’t say Reservation is the only solution of resolve problems of Muslims, as Muslim entrepreneurship is the only solutions to create employment. Getting eligible education for cognizable no of Muslims is only possible by means of governmental support and means is Reservations.

Empowering community have many dimensions, getting Socio-Political space, education, Employment as minority community through Constitutional mean assert our citizenry.

Further due to Global demographic challenges, we in Muslims of South asian countries are more vulnerable immediately after middle east. If we can get equipped to face the challenge at the earliest we will have better peaceful future for our kids.

What will happen in a society with lots of young people without employment, education, imposed insurity by the ruling hegemony ! in sociology it is termed as ‘Youth Bulge’. The solution for this is to have long term planning and equipped to place the Productive age population in production instead of destruction either as employees or as employers.

At the present scenario, the community won’t have the abilities to employers either in India or in the entire South Asia, The only option is left is to prepare them to the the marketable labour force.

Marketable labour force, can only be evolved by investing in education, skill on on demand supply principle. Muslim of India have the highest dropout rate in schooling, many of our children are not able to complete Middle school.

Community instruments of Zakat etc won’t have to necessary volume to cover the expenditure of these droping out children. Reservation to certain extent address and reduce this, as it is proved in AP for the last 6 years.