Metabolism is one of the major challenges today as it is the factor that gradually reduces with our age and body transformations (especially, hormonal changes). When we are infants our muscles are efficient enough to absorb the bodily energy without adding much to body fats, but with age the muscles lose their ability and slowly the energy in the body starts adding up to the bodily fats. It is very important to increase metabolism and boost the body mechanism to avoid the risks of obesity, diabetes and heart related issues. The body structure and the muscles in children or infants can actually be the reason for higher metabolism rate in their bodies but, when the individual crosses the age of 40 there is a drastic drop or fall in the body mechanisms as our body starts becoming less responsive. So let’s understand, What is Metabolism? & How can we increase metabolism naturally?

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is basically a bio-chemical process taking place within our body in which the chemicals break down the food that we consume so as to produce energy for other body mechanisms such as digestion, breathing etc. Hence, the faster our metabolism rate is, the faster we burn the energy and body fats. So, we are going to discuss the natural ways through which we can increase our metabolism in the body.

How to Increase Metabolism naturally?

Here is the list of 11 proven ways to increase metabolism in our body naturally.

Caffeinated drinks such as Coffee, Tea etc. contain high amounts of caffeine that help to increase metabolism rate in our body. This is due to the fact that, caffeine basically helps in stimulating the nervous system in our body which further helps in mobilizing the body fats. According to a research conducted by a Japanese institute, a daily consumption of a cup of coffee can increase metabolism my 12%. The other advantages of caffeinated drinks include averting drowsiness and increased stamina.

Water also helps to increase metabolism rate in our body and burn fats. Drinking at least 2 liters of water daily can increase metabolism my 30-40% in men and women. Also, drinking water before taking meals can fill up our tummy, avoiding excess intake of food. Some theories also suggest that a slight decrease in body water or dehydration can lead to fall or decrease in the body metabolism rate by at least 3%. Other advantage of drinking water is, it averts headaches and keeps our heart healthy.

Cardio exercises or even simple warm up exercises such as jogging or brisk walking can be the key factor to increase metabolism rate in our body. This is due to the fact that these exercises help in regulating our body weight by burning down the unnecessary body fats. The more workout we do the more calories we burn thus enhancing the metabolism phenomenon. One of the most simple and affective workouts to boost metabolism include jogging, brisk walking, running, swimming, pull-ups etc.

Omega 3 fatty acids are naturally a well known food sources that increase metabolism rate in our body. This is because, these fatty acids help in regulating the sugar levels in the blood and reduces the inflammation thus boosting metabolism. These fatty acids also make the body less resistive to Leptin, a hormone which is known and linked to the burning rate of fats. Some of the well known sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are Walnuts, Fax seed oil, Tofu, Shrimps, Fishes (especially, Salmon fish) etc.

Recent studies by researchers have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to slower metabolism rate. This is due to the fact that lack in the time of sleep can actually increase the amount of food intake or increase the time spared to food consumption on daily basis. These irregular food patterns can actually cause a tremendous increase of fats in the body thus affecting our metabolism rate. Hence it is necessary to sleep for a minimum of at least 6-7 hours daily so as to increase metabolism in our body.

With proper diet it is also necessary to regulate on the food intake so as to increase metabolism rate in the body. This is because some consider dieting can be one of the greatest tricks to burn fats and increase metabolism. But the truth is, when an individual starts to cut down calorie intake the body starts to shut down the fat burning process so as to maintain the energy levels in the body and to function properly. Hence it is necessary to take at least 1400 calories everyday through food.

Spicy foods such as foods containing hot chilies, black pepper, hot sauce or mustards can increase metabolism rate in our body. This is due to the fact that hot chilies usually contain Capsinoids which is the primary reason for burning sensation in the mouth while consuming. This burning sensation can make people sweat thus leading to burning of calories. The consumption of spicy foods must be limited as these foods can escalate heart beats and cause ulcers and burning sensations in the chest.

Green tea is one of the well known brews of the world which is found and consumed abundantly in the Asian continent that has the capability to increase metabolism in the body. This is because green tea has Thermogenic properties that catalyze the fat oxidation process the body thus burning the excess calories. Also, green tea contains caffeine, which is a well known ingredient to escalate the metabolism rate in the body.

Laughter can also increase metabolism rate as it helps in expanding and contacting the body muscles thus causing the calories to burn. Also laughter is beneficial for the heart as it enhances the heart beat rate thus mobilizing the fatty tissues in the body. Laughter can improve the blood flow in the body thus making the immune system stronger. Other than this laughter is also important as it reduces emotional stress and increase the brain functionality.

Fruits can actually increase metabolism by reducing our appetite and losing weight. This is because most of the fruits primarily contain water which is beneficial as they mobilize the body fats and can boost up the process of calories burning by 30%. Also the calories spent while digesting raw fruits and vegetables is much higher as compared to meat or any other cooked food. Also, Vegetables and raw fruits contain higher amounts of fiber as it is a great remedy for constipation.

A protein diet also increases body metabolism as it encourages the usage of glycogen in the body. Glycogen is a kind of stored energy which is usually present in liver and muscle tissues. Also, proteins help in controlling appetite and indirectly avoid overeating. Proteins also help in muscle growth which indirectly burns a lot of unnecessary fats and calories in the body thus boosting the metabolism rate in the body.