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Hello friends! I am Venkatesh Kumar from Ahmedabad. I will share my life changing story which happened a few weeks ago. Actually, I have found a way to make the penis bigger, and I have increased the penis length to 18.5 centimeters. Find it hard to believe? See these pictures.

You already know that I like girls, but they are not always happy with the size of my penis. It is not so small but not too big. Two weeks ago, a girl who was worse than anyone left me. Then I decided to take revenge.

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I went on a date with a girl from Chandigarh. I found her at her friend’s house. She was a nice girl, and adventurous, she was working as an assistant manager in a car showroom. Blue, large round nails, attractive eyes and long hair. She was absolutely fine.

That night was good too. Spent a good time together in a fantastic restaurant in Delhi, with a little drink, and fun. Our mood was the same, so we decided to go home. It was a small apartment, but tidy and only two blocks away. I like this.

I pulled her into the room and then she went to the bathroom for a few minutes. I was not comfortable. When she came out we both started kissing each other. Feelings got intense. Her hands gradually moved on my penis and on my body. When I opened my pants button, she started laughing loudly after taking it in her mouth…

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I was very desperate. At least my ex tried to act, but never said anything. Then it did not go well with us and she left.

This is the experience that triggered action. It should not happened again. I had to do something to solve my problem. I needed to find a way to increase the size of my penis.

That night I was browsing the Internet trying to find a way to increase penis size . Cream, peanuts, pumps, ebooks … pathetic. I did not believe it. Surgery? Very expensive and painful. No no. Patch is also no good. Need to stop smoking after these patches.

Additionally, these fantastic false solutions are sold by companies from odd countries like Ukraine and Poland. I am in India and I need the product of the Indian company. I do not believe in foreign company without contact number / office. So I read the world’s largest porn network, and an interview with Brazzers Anurag Purushottam.

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Most porn stars admit that they take capsules to make their penis two times bigger. They also praised the supplement which was prepared using Swiss technologies along with many supplements from India. This supplement is safe and includes powerful Ayurvedic ingredients such as Ashwagandh, Kanganbeha, Aspagi, Vidikand, Javitri, Pure Shilajit and Kababachini. It can be purchased without prescription. This balanced supplement increases the size up to 6-7 centimeters within two months.

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Anurag Purushottam told about the FTFT technique which he had used: MAXX So I searched the website and decided to order. I was surprised when they guaranteed the result within a 30-day period. So I made my first order without any problem.

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MAXX Within a few minutes of ordering on the website, their customer service staff called me to confirm my address. My order arrived within two days, COD . The following medicines are sent to you anonymously. Bottle labels and packages were shown on the website and I was very impressed with their credibility.

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The product has also a certificate of credibility, 100% no side-effects and is recognized by the Government of India. Best of all! See a picture of the certificate here.

It’s very easy: I took two capsules every day. That’s all. One minute work. That’s it.

MAXX I have understood the process – there are some herbs that increase blood flow in the penis. Penis grows with blood flow. This principle can be more complex, but it can be explained like this in a simple way.

The benefits of Maca root are fertility, hormonal balance, booster for immune system and energy, endurance, and better sexual function. White muesli is a wonderful sexual force booster with therapeutic properties. It prevents premature ejaculation and improves libido, sperm count and fertility. Yohimbe is responsible for sexual arousal, erectile dysfuction (ED), and sexual problems. It contains a compound called Yoginbine which increases the blood flow and the nerve impulse of the penis. Moreover, it helps to improve the sexual energy, promotes stronger and longer erection.

The MAXX capsules can increase the willpower and helps to hold as long as you want. MAXX helps to eliminate premature ejaculation problem. As soon as you increase your strength and duration you can go for hours. You can get stability and long-term habit, do not have to fail now! You will not have to wait for the solid erection to enjoy the sexual relations. You become mentally fit. Depending on the different time period and condition, length of the penis may increase up to 5 centimeters. This will increase the girth of your penis too. The supplement also increases testosterone, which helps to achieve long-term sexual drive. Men of any age are under stress due to the problem. Constant disturbing thoughts and stress are major reasons which result in direct and negative effects on sexual energy. This amazing supplement increases the size of the penis, just 1 bottle of MAXX is enough. 2 bottles will give you an advanced shape and maximum size. Herbs help to keep the penis erection several times stronger during stimulation. Improvement in strength and energy. All orders guarantee 100% satisfaction. We have more than 15 years of experience. The effect is the following: plus 2-3 cm every week! Amazing!

This thing has also proved to be true for me. I measured my penis after a few days and I wondered, ‘Abba! Plus 5 cm! I’m so big, I can not believe! I thought I was dreaming. But really my thickness and length had increased!

Suddenly I called Isha last week (yes, finally, that bitch who works in the showroom). After a little talk, she finally agreed to go out with me as a “friend”. We met in a bar. Wonderful music, nice dinner…it was getting hot. Suddenly she touched me and stopped the dance. She surprised me and asked:

“What? How come your tool is so big now?”

I laughed and put her hand inside my underwear. She was shocked. She knew that I was no longer small and she got excited. I was hoping she would see it.

She pulled me on the terrace and threw herself at me. That wish seemed so lovely and brilliant, that I could not resist it. This was the best sexual experience of my life. My penis was just 5 centimeters longer, but it was very much thicker. This is my advice for all romantic people – thickness is more important than the length of the penis. If the thickness is good then women are going to kneel in front of you.

Update 2: Three months later

I take the supplement every day and I am enjoying my life journey. I want to buy a new underwear which is comfortable with my belonging (Haha). Apart from this, my muscles are getting better. Now I have six pack abs. This extreme happiness is possible with natural testosterone boosters.

Update 3 – Six months later

I stopped taking capsules as I have completed a six-month course (other companies try to sell more than six months of the course) and my penis size is now about 20 centimeters. MAXX is certified and has an ability to increase testosterone. MAXX I am healthier now and don’t have any sexual problems. It had an impact on my whole life. Thanks a lot for my sexual power!

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