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Someone dreams of tan and dark skin, but for me it became a catastrophy and a curse. Only after I whitened my face skin, I got my life back on track!

mulberries secret serum

You write lots of different nasty things to me, that I’m a kept woman, a prostitute, who is getting married for profit. I’ll tell you this way: I deserved my happiness! Nobody knows what I had to go through in my life before I achieved this idyll. I didn’t even finish school. I had to earn money to feed my sick mother and younger sister. I couldn’t afford education.

Ever since I can remember, I was always busy. As first I was a janitor in a cafe, then I was promoted to a dish-washer. I was paid very poorly, but my family didn’t starve. Fortunately, I didn’t have to work there for long – I found a new job, I started cleaning houses of rich Europeans.

Constant humiliations because of my skin colour and for no reason.

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I went throught everything! Constant humiliations during three years, because of my skin colour and for no reason at all. These Europeans didn’t think I was a human being…But I endured it because of money, for the sake of the food I needed to buy for dinner.

Why did I say fortunately? Because at that very moment I met my future husband – Harry. Despite his mother’s constant complaints about me and her insults, Harry always stood up for me. At first because of pity, and then we fell in love…

We secretly ate mango in their garden and watched films when house owners left the house. Harry gave me money so that I could work less and spend more time in their house together with him. Everything went relatively fine until I got pregnant.

Harry told his parents everything and his mother kicked me out of the house. ‘Dark-skinned, dirty, lousy skunk. You don’t belong here and my son is not for you’ , she shouted.

mulberries secret whitening serum

I thought I’d never see my beloved again. My heart was torn with grief. My mother and sister said ‘time heals’, but the promised relief didn’t come. I almost didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I just lied in bed and wept all day long. Then Harry appeared.

I was over the moon with joy, it was my forth month of pregnancy. We went to his place. His parents waited for us there. After a long conversation they let us get married under one condition. His mother even apologized a few times for her insults, but I forgot about them long ago. The most important thing for me was being together with my loved one and it became possible!

I needed to take care of my appearance

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By agreement with Harry’s mother I needed to take care of my appearance (after so many years of exhausting work, my looks really left much to be desired), and whiten face skin. I thought about some kind of surgeries and got awfully SCARED!

But she talked about the serum Mulberry`s Secret , with mulberry. My future mother-in-law gave me several jars at once and told to use it twice daily – after face cleaning.

Pigment spots disappeared.

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I’d never think that such remedies exist and that they are so effective! You’d think it is just ordinary mulberry, but literally in 1-1,5 months the skin really became 2-3 shader lighter.

All pigment spots disappeared. My face became whiter, there was a healthy glow on my cheeks. And, most importantly, my skin became snow-white, porcelain, like that of a doll. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and couldn’t believe it was me. I looked gorgeous, fresh and aristocaratic, exactly what my future mother-in-law wanted.

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Despite everything, I’m happy that it all happened this way. Now I have everything any girl dreams of: a loving husband, a wonderful daughter, a house and a car. All this became possible thanks to an ordinary face serum. Girls, try Mulberry`s Secret ! Who knows, maybe this is how your new life will begin.

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Mulberry`s Secret forum – comments, opinion

Rashmi Tiwari

Dark skin looks peasant-like, and white skin is aristocratic. I can understand why your mother-in-law didn’t want such an unkempt being near her son…

Gunjan Agrawal

I see your husband disappointed you, how could he just stand there watching you being kicked out of the house?!

Shubh Dube

This sounds so familiar! Only acid peeling used to help me, but after it I couldn’t leave the house for a week. Layers of skin peeled off, my face was red, but then it looked marvellous! When I learned about Mulberry`s Secret I decided to give it a try. The effect wasn’t instant, I even thought of starting peeling again, but then my skin all of a sudden got whiter. I used the serum for 2 months, overall I’m pleased with the result, I doubt I’d go back to peelings.

mulberries secret forum

Savita Mishra

I can’t believe it is possible! I also want such beautiful skin for myself.

Lakshmi Jaiswal

Someone here tried this serum? Did it help?

Palak Mehta

I’ve been using Mulberry`s Secret for a month, it moisturizes very well, and most importantly, it whitens the skin. I’m very pleased, freckles are almost invisible.

mulberries secret side effect

Angel katariya

Girls, diamond microdermabrasion removes pigmentation very well, the price is no higher than 80$

Anita Garg

I wish I had such beautiful smooth skin. I’m only 25, pigmentation is my curse. But what can you do, it’s the climate. I’ll be sure to try this remedy, I’ve already ordered.

Ankita Kumari

Girls please give me address, where I can buy this serum. I asked in the drugstore and cosmetics store, they heard of it but it is hard to obtain it. I need it badly, I’m also dark-skinned and I’m very self-conscious about it.

Shalini bisht

My mum has pigmentation on her face too, she used different products but after Mulberry`s Secret she stopped using anything but this remedy. The skin is perfectly white and clean, although previously spots appeared on the sun very easily.

price of mulberries secret

Ritu Patel

I didn’t expect that someone still uses this ordinary serum. Everyone wants high-end cosmetics;) After Mulberry`s Secret even the darkest skin becomes fair. The mask removes pigment very well if used regularly. I advise. Here are ‘before and after’ photos.

mulberries secret whitening serum

Rita Joshi

My sister also used it, but she didn’t achieve such an effect. It’s a pity:(

Kavita Mehra

I finally received the serum! I’m starting the course of skin tone whitening, I’ll attach photo as soon as I get the results!