Alcoholism has become a pervasive social disease since thousands ofyears ago, our ancestors started to get drunk since they found out thatfruit juices that “go bad” can be intoxicating. Just like any disease,alcoholism should be handled by experts as if it is left unabated,can bring many bad effects psychologically and physically.

If your parents drink too much, it’s none of your fault.Some teenagers often blame themselves for alcohol problems faced by their parents. Even if you help on some household chores or do better in school, itis stil llikely that your parents are still alcoholics. Your guilt could alsobecaused by their spontaneous statements, like “Stop it! You’re driving mecrazy!”, but you need to understand that alcoholics may tend to express their emotion firmly during hangovers. There are many causes o falcohol abuses for example stress at work, financial problems, maritalproblems or social influences. Your job is to stay responsible and help your parents in any way you can.

Your parents, like any alcoholics, may have denial that canaggravate theirdrinking problems. They simply refuse to acknowledge that they are deep in trouble. Alcoholics often blame on their situation or on someoneelseas the cause of their addiction. They can become furious overtheslightest mention on their drinking problem. Even those who agreetoacknowledge their problems may say that “Don’t worry, my drinkinghabitisn’t a problem”, “Everyone drinks once a while”, “Do youknowalcohol is good for your heart?” or “Well, I can stopanytime!”

Manyteenagers have fluctuating life, their emotional statescan go up anddown rapidly, regardless of their relation with their parents. It isunder standable that, teens who are forced to face alcoholics or evenabusiveparents can simply feel overwhelmed. They could feel anger,loneliness,helplessness, sadness, a lack of self-esteem andembarrassment all at once.Most alcoholics have unstable emotions andbehaviors, while children or evenother adults may have a hard time trying to cope or react with their moodswings. Today, you may try tohide and avoid their inevitable rage because youforget to mow the lawnor do the dishes and tomorrow maybe, you’ll accompanyyour mom for acouple of hours and trying to comfort her. Your parents mayhaveproblems to pay their bills or debts or you’re expected to dohousehold choresand take care of your younger siblings. This pressurecan exact an emotionaltoll even to the strongest teens, which left themboth drained and exhausted.

Althoughyour parents may face a similar set of problemslike other alcoholics,their situation could be unique. Your parents mayneglect your emotionaland financial needs or in some cases even physically orverballyabusive. Some parents may compound their problems by using drugs,whichput them in deeper problems. Teens who stay with alcoholics parentsalsotend to feel similarly, like feeling being unloved, alone,depressed andweighed down by the embarrassing life they need to lead athome. Because, insome cases there is little you can do to help you rparents in solving their alcoholism,what should you do to help yourself?

Similarly,understanding the cause of alcoholism faced byy our parents can make youfeel better about your situation as you may no longer feel guilty.Because alcoholism is a common problem in our society, you may find several support groups in your area that help people who live with alcoholics. Al-Anon is a group that is created to help children and teens who have to deal with alcoholic adults. Larger organizations, suchas Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), also provide supports for people who need to deal with alcoholics everyday.

You are not betraying your parents by seeking support. Sweeping dirt underthe carpet is part of a serious alcohol problem and itoften allows theproblems to get far worse. It’s still possible for you to loveyouralcoholic parents while recognizing and helping with the problems theymayhave. And it’s not traitorous to seek some support in dealing withyourproblems that are caused by your parent’s alcoholism. In fact,looking afteryourself is something that your parents fail to do and you have the right to take care of yourself.