Whitening pen for a flawless smile! Teeth Whitening Pen how to use

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  • 100% whitening of any complexity
  • Effective for any type of teeth

Innovation of the year: best Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth Whitening Pen is one of the most modern technologies that is aimed at restoring the teeth natural colour at home. This technology is actively developing, it is widely used around the world. Now it’s available in our country too.

The technology of the whitening pen is based on the use of professional whitening gel containing 35% carbamide peroxide, the agent which releases oxygen when lightened with LED lamp. In comparison to other technologies, this procedure provides painless and abosolutely harmless teeth whitening. This method does not cause side effects, does not erode tooth enamel and makes your teeth up to 6-10 shades whiter after a single application.

Instructions for Using Teeth Whitening Pen: how to use

  • Dry teeth.
  • Rotate bottom of click-pen to dispense gel from opposite end.
  • Apply gel directly onto teeth.
  • Avoid lips from contacting teeth for 30-60 seconds.
  • Do not rinse or eat/drink for one hour.
  • Repeat as often as needed.

Teeth Whitening Pen can be used during day or night as needed.

Immediate result can be achieved by repeating instructions every 10 minutes for 1-2 hours.

Teeth Whitening Pen is great for first-time bleaching, regular touch-ups and/or spot-bleaching of difficult dental stains.

Teeth Whitening Pen Before/ After the use

  • More gentle procedure as compared to other methods that use laser
  • Teeth will be cleaned in a relatively short time
  • Does not make teeth too sensitive
  • Increased self-condidence and a good psychological effect
  • The level of teeth whiteness can be controlled
  • Suitable both for men and women

Teeth Whitening Pen price in india


2200 ₹

Teeth Whitening Pen reviews of satisfied customers

I’ve always been embarrassed about my teeth. They are healthy, but not white. Whitening in the clinics is expensive, I’ve never even thought about it. I ordered the pen, the effect is just amazing. All my aquaintances bought these pens for themselves too!

Deeksha Pandey


I’ve been thinking about whitening for a long time, in Europe and the USA it’s a common thing. I decided to order the whitening pen and didn’t regret it! It’s a great stuff totally worth the money. My teeth became 7 shades whiter, it’s cooler than in the dentrist’s office! I always have it with me in my bag. Be sure to order!

Manish Ranjan


Good day! I’ve been ashamed of my smile for a long time – the colour of my teeth was closer to light-yellow than white. Regular brushing didn’t help, I guess it’s just their natural colour. I tried whitening in the salon for 50$. It didn’t help one bit, I was told I needed more professional whitening methods which cost 250$. I cancelled and ordered the pen Teeth Whitening Pen Pro. I wish I had done it earlier! I can’t get used to such white teeeth, all my acquaintances are charmed with my smile!

Reena Mukherjee


Hurry up to a snow white smile