In Acupressure, every body organ is related or linked to specific points on feet soles and palms. It is an art of medicine which is quite similar to that of Acupuncture. Our body cannot function properly when it contains blockages that disrupt the flow of energy. Acupressure removes such energy blockages and allows its passage just by pressing key points (especially, palms and feet soles) with fingers, elbow or any acupressure device. Performing acupressure also helps in controlling our emotions and various negative feelings such as anxieties, which can cause negative impact on our body and also on our mind.

Benefits of Acupressure

With proper guidance and methodology, acupressure helps in better blood circulation across the body. Increased blood circulation leads to increased stamina and stronger Immune system thus protecting us from various diseases.

Acupressure helps in relaxing muscular tensions across the body especially the back strained muscles. It also avoids the transmission of pain messages to the brain from the muscles resulting in the reduction of body pains (as pains are notified by brain). Acupressure can be good news for athletic and sports persons as they are more prone to muscle straining.

Not just physical pains, acupressure also relieves from emotional imbalances and negative thoughts that causes negative impact on both body and health. Depression and stress leads to weaker immune system or can further lead to much greater disorders. It reduces stress and depression to a greater extent that causes the body to shut down and blocks the passage of energy across the body and mind.

Acupressure is known to increase circulation of blood across the body, which further results in the reduction of skin problems such as skin wrinkles, acnes, pimples and many more. It enhances the glow and fairness on the skin, tones the facial muscles and removes the toxins present in the body.

Fertility is inability to bear children (both by man and women) even after a year of unprotected intercourse. Acupressure is also a great fertility booster in both men and women. Loss of Fertility is one of the leading health concerns across the globe with every 3-4 people out of 10 suffering from it. Acupressure reduces physical and mental pressures and fortifies fertility and enhances pleasure.

Acupressure is a new way of life that can change our lifestyle. It is especially very beneficial to the people living in urban areas, who could not find time for themselves and deteriorate their health and family relation. It has the ability to bring back happiness and togetherness in our lives. Just devote 5 minutes to acupressure daily and see the difference yourself within a couple of months.